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Awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, and Winner of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance Perinatal Peer Support Award

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Celebrating our Achievements: A Summary of Mothers for Mothers’ Impact in 2021-22

Mothers for Mothers collected feedback from mothers we have
supported over the year from April 2021 to March 2022 and
would like to share some of the highlights. The services we have
provided this year include:

  • Telephone support and helpline
  • Home visiting
  • Art therapy and counselling
  • Peer support groups
  • Antenatal groups
  • Trips and events

Reducing isolation

83% agreed or strongly agreed that as a result of using our services they felt less isolated or lonely.

“Those chats help me to feel human again… I think I would have been a lot more isolated and lonely, especially during lockdown, without MfM.”

Building confidence

Mothers described increased confidence in themselves and their parenting as a result of engaging with

“Knowing I had someone to talk to if needed on a weekly basis is so helpful and I feel I am more confident.”

Promoting self-care

83% agreed or strongly agreed that as a result of using our services they know more about what they need in their life to be well and what works for them.

“Because of MfM I now know my self-worth and how to notice red flags. Without them I would have really struggled throughout my pregnancy and beyond.”

Fighting stigma

90% agreed or strongly agreed that as a result of using our services they feel more reassured about what they have been experiencing.

“It was also made clear that it was OK to seek help, which was a huge turning point for me, as it made me stop judging myself as being ‘crazy’ and I felt much less alone.”

Supporting bonding

65% agreed or strongly agreed that as a result of using our services the relationship or bond with their child has improved. For those receiving home visits, this increased to 75%.

“I definitely feel a more confident mum, and this has rubbed off on my son, as he is not picking up on my emotional states. I feel that our bond is stronger and that we are a team, whereas before I thought I was messing up his life.”

Skilled and caring

100% rated the support from their home visitor as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ (90% excellent, 10% good). – 100% rated the support received from their counsellor or therapist as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. – 100% rated the antenatal groups as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

“Everyone that I have come into contact with at Mothers for Mothers has been incredibly approachable, supportive, kind and so lovely.”

Safe spaces

Mothers valued a sense of safety across all our services. This included both physical safeguarding and emotional safety – knowing that vulnerable or painful feelings could be shared and would be met without judgement.

“It feels like a safe space to be honest about how I feel. The support workers are always so empathetic and accepting.”

The power of lived experience

We understand the value of speaking with someone who has ‘been there’ and mothers at our peer support and antenatal groups mutually support one another.

“Knowing a mother who has experienced aspects of PND is there to support you and be honest makes a great difference.”

No mother left behind

We aim to make our services accessible to all mothers, whatever their background or experiences. Mothers also valued the fact that there are no lengthy or complicated referral processes when accessing support.

“I really appreciated being able to see other black women and birthing people during the antenatal sessions. It was great to have a multicultural group to be a part of.”

Whole person’ approach

Mothers valued being able to access more than one of our services at a time and felt that they were viewed as a whole person rather than just from a perspective of their mental health.

“We went to the park, and she always gave me support and provided me with nappies and clothes for the kids. Whenever she came for a chat, I always felt supported more.”

Our Future Plans

We are currently working with the Cranfield Trust to produce a new five-year strategic plan. This will help us to consider how we can develop and improve our services in future. We are keen to pursue more funding so that we can reduce our waiting times and support mothers over a wider geographical area.

“You honestly changed my life. You helped me to realise so much, increased my confidence and self-esteem and find me again. My baby and I are so bonded, and she is such a happy, cheeky, lovely girl. I feel really happy in motherhood and your sessions really helped me to get to this point. You gave me the perfect mix of support, challenge and space to figure things out. I learnt to be kind to myself, create my own boundaries and take time for myself, all of which I’ve taken forward and hope to show my daughter too.”

Phone Helpline

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