perinatal mental health support

How we may be coping…

Having a baby, whether it’s the first or the fifth, fundamentally changes our lives; our sense of identity, bodies, relationships and lifestyle. This process of change and finding a new normal, is full of wonderful and challenging moments. For some however, this conflict and change, alongside perhaps life stresses or distressing experiences can pose barriers to adjusting and tolerating difficult feelings such as anxiety, loss and isolation etc.

Why we may wish to think about accessing therapy…

If you feel that your mental health is impacting on your enjoyment of relationships, bonding with your baby/children, personality, and everyday activities or interests, you may wish to seek some support. Speaking with a psychotherapist or counsellor in a safe, non-judgemental environment can enable us to develop clearer understanding of and abilities to cope with difficult feelings. Many families have benefitted and made meaningful changes in their lives as a result of using the therapeutic services at Mothers for Mothers.

What’s on offer:

All of our therapies are:

  • Person-centred – we believe that the client’s experiences & needs are individual to them. The therapy relationship is based on honesty, respect, compassion and equality.
  • Low-cost – clients are asked to donate a weekly amount affordable for them.
  • Short-term – we offer a minimum of six sessions with the potential to extend.
  • One to one – the client and therapist can meet either face-to-face or via zoom
  • Confidential

Art Psychotherapy


Art Psychotherapy is a talking therapy in which the art making is used as a key tool for expressing and making sense of feelings. It can help support clients to take ownership of their experiences and change in their view of current challenges they may face. The art psychotherapists offer clients non-judgemental and compassionate support through the process. Some clients can feel nervous about using the art materials, perhaps because they aren’t familiar with them or fear that they are not good enough, however many find that they build in confidence and enjoyment using the materials and some continue using these new skills after the therapy has ended.


Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a counsellor listening to and supporting a client whilst helping them find ways to deal with personal issues. Clients are encouraged to talk about their thoughts and feelings with the counsellor, who will listen and support without judgement or criticism. Talking to a counsellor can help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes and help you find solutions to your problems.

Parent and infant Art Therapy Group

The aim of these short-term groups is to provide a safe space for parents to explore and express their feelings about their experiences and relationship with their infant. This is supported by encouraging parents to use creative tools in a way that allows them to build confidence, self-worth and notice their strengths. The art can also open up opportunities for warm and playful connections between parent and infant and can help to reduce anxieties and doubts about this relationship.

For more information email or call 0117 9359366

How to get in touch

If you are interested in accessing our home visiting or therapy service, the steps would be to:-

  • Contact our client care team on the helpline 01179359366, they can support you in getting registered with the service and/or completing a referral.
  • All referrals go through our bi-weekly triage meeting, where we will consider which service might be best placed to meet your needs at this time
  • Following this, you can expect to hear from one of the coordinators, to offer you an assessment and place you on the waiting list.


Phone Helpline

0117 9359366