Bristol Social Impact Awards Winners 2024

We are so delighted to have won a Voscur!

It’s a huge honour to win the Lorraine Bush Award for Resilience. In our community of Hartcliffe Lorraine was a change maker and an inspirational leader who left a huge legacy, we are truely humbled. In best awards season fashion our thanks to Voscur for such a fantastic evening and bringing together so many incredible organisations having a huge impact on life in our city.

Thank you to our Board of Trustees for their understanding of everything it takes to foster team resilience and safe practice. Thanks to the wonderful passionate team at Mothers for Mothers, all who have gone above and beyond during this period of heightened demand for services, and who care for each other’s wellbeing as a lived experience workforce. But our biggest thanks goes to the families who allow us into their lives to walk alongside them during the most challenging of times. They are our greatest motivation and inspiration. Thank you

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