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Mark Williams is a Keynote Speaker, Published Author and International campaigner. In 2004 he experienced anxiety and depression, suffering in silence for years until he entered community mental health services.

Mark has worked in various areas of mental health and youth work after changing his career in 2006 after years in sales and market research with organisations – Barclays, MBNA, RAC, Millward Brown and other blue chip companies.

He founded International Fathers Mental Health Day and #Howareyoudad campaign to make sure all parents are having support for the whole family. Mark has spoken on television and radio stations around the world while working with Dr Jane Hanley who have both published articles on Fathers ( Paternal) Mental Health together.

Mark started the campaign to bring back the mother and baby unit in UK after a seven year absence. Mark was awarded Inspirational Father of the year and local hero at the Pride of Britain Awards in 2012 even invited to meet The Royal Family on World Mental Health Day also awarded the Point Of light Award by the Prime Minister in 2019.

In 2020 published a report called “Why Dads Matter” on his finding for the previous years and has successfully helped change policies and organizations to include fathers in their services.

We are very proud that Mark Williams is our Ambassador, he has supported all of our work with families and had been the inspiration behind our work with Fathers and partners.

In 2018, after years of campaigning, Mark was instrumental in the NHSE announcement that New fathers and fathers-to-be will be offered mental health checks if their partner is suffering anxiety, psychosis or postnatal depression.

Mark’s book ‘Daddy Blues Post Natal Depression’ – Now available on Amazon.

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